The Media World Continues to SPRING Forward!

Posted by: Judy Miller
Posted on: March 10, 2015

It’s hard to believe that after the coldest February on record, we are only a few weeks away from spring and then, yes--summer! Despite the treacherous winter weather, the media world has continued to evolve at unprecedented speed, witnessing exponential growth, particularly in the digital space.

Magna Global* predicted that by the end of 2014, U.S. media ad revenues would increase by +5.1 percent -- the highest in 10 years. To sustain this type of growth in 2015, we anticipate media companies will continue to embrace a multichannel, multifaceted model. And, whereas “big data” was the key buzz word in 2014, “coding” and its ability to optimize content strategy will be one of the key driving forces fueling media growth in 2015. The senior level media positions we are filling at Stephen-Bradford reflect the increasing need for individuals who have specific skills across these critical areas, as companies are making a more conscious effort to create collaborative teams with diverse expertise, including: digital media, online, interactive, technology, programmatic, content marketing and print.

However, even in this new and ever-changing era of internet and digital communications, some things never change. Whether connecting with your broadcast or online audience, talking to customers at the point-of-purchase, or attracting and hiring top talent, staying relevant and authentic when reaching out to your target audience continues to be the key to corporate and brand success.

On a personal note, Stephen-Bradford Search is happy to announce that we have once again been listed as one of the top search firms in NYC by Crain’s New York Business.

Crain’s New York Business quotes Linda Schaler, President of Stephen-Bradford, as saying: “We’ve seen an increasing shift to more tightly defined positions, many of which are at the intersection of marketing, communications and technology. The job profiles our clients are looking to fill are much more specific and granular. The generalist is out.” Linda estimated that up to 70% of Stephen-Bradford’s Media, Technology and Advertising placements reflected these 21st century positions, with an emphasis on innovation, big data, analytics and market science. “Accountability is the name of the game, Clients want to be able to account for their dollars".

Whether it’s helping you retain your top employees or hire cutting-edge talent, at Stephen Bradford we are all about finding the right candidate for your culture who can drive your bottom line.

Judy Miller

Senior Director
Stephen-Bradford Search

* MAGNA GLOBAL is the strategic global media unit of IPG Mediabrands