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As the economy rebounds and the unemployment rate settles into more traditional levels, at Stephen-Bradford we are finding that the post-recession marketplace is humming. Companies who tightened their belts 4 to 5 years ago are hungrier than ever for top talent, as their businesses are growing at accelerated rates. Clients are seeking candidates who have mastered and are immersed in today’s new digital and technologically focused economy.  In essence, regardless of vertical—Media, Marketing, Advertising, Nonprofit, Market Research, Luxury Goods or Retail, companies are vying for top candidates with similar skill sets and experience--strategic leadership, analytics, social media, data mining and insight management, digital and business development. Concurrently, companies are hiring professionals who are nimble, entrepreneurial and able to get things done faster and better than ever before.  

Since the “A” players are expensive, being smarter and more strategic in who you bring onboard is more critical than everTo make the best hires for your company, you need to understand where you are today and where your business is going tomorrow.

Stephen-Bradford’s Corporate clients, particularly those in the media and communications, retail and marketing services verticals are facing fiercer competition than ever before and across new and unchartered media channels. They are coming up against an increased need to drive their bottom line, and develop new and better services and products. They require the right talent to evolve their companies and deliver on increasingly challenging business objectives. Here at Stephen-Bradford, we are up to the task. We understand how media and brand messaging can drive business value and bottom-line growth, how data and analytics can project and optimize results. Because our clients are redefining this quickly evolving landscape, we recognize the importance of identifying game changing talent that exploits this new era. 

When we look at Stephen-Bradford’s burgeoning Nonprofit practice, we recognize that philanthropy also looks and feels very differently than it did at the beginning of the century, so it is not surprising that there are significant changes in how nonprofits are building their teams today. Strategic planning has always been important, but too often those plans collected dust on the shelf,  while mission driven organizations struggled to meet their basic day-to-day community obligations.  In the past, probably as a cost saving measure, nonprofits sought multi-skilled generalists who could wear several hats and fill multiple gaps in an organization. This often proved to be faulty logic which perpetuated mediocrity.  Recently, Stephen-Bradford has partnered with numerous organizations to build high performing teams by identifying talent with very specific skillsets, to pro-actively execute smart strategic goals.  These nonprofits are focused on impact and understand an investment in the right team, to build a dynamic organization results in exciting growth, new revenue streams, reenergized boards and expansion of programming.

Stephen-Bradford’s unique relationship to the marketplace enables us to provide access to candidates who are on the cutting edge; innovative individuals who create new markets or reinvent existing ones--candidates who build companies.

Importantly, we take our own growth as seriously as we take our clients’ growth and, are excited to announce the following strategic hires to our Stephen-Bradford team:



Susan Napolitano, Senior DirectorRetail

Susan has joined Stephen-Bradford, as the Senior Director of the Retail Practice. She brings over ten years of in-house Human Resources experience with a strong focus on Talent Acquisition. Having worked at several leading blue-chip retail companies, including: Macy’s, Ross Stores, and Wal-Mart, Susan is well versed in the Department Store, Big Box, and Off-Price retail sectors and understands the specific differences and talent needs of their various business units. Her knowledge and experience within the industry, allow her to fully grasp the business needs of her clients, enabling her to identify and secure the right candidates for their business and culture. Susan’s passion for the business and tenacity, make Susan an indispensable business partner to her colleagues and clients.

Susan holds a B.A. from Stonehill College as well as an MSW from Fordham University.

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Miriam Raccah, Senior Director , Education &Nonprofit

Miriam Raccah joined Stephen-Bradford Search to expand the firm’s nonprofit practice to include educational organizations.  Prior to Stephen Bradford, Miriam had a long career in nonprofit. Most notably she was the founding Executive Director of Girls Preparatory Charter Schools and the Public Prep Network.  Miriam has also worked at Achievement First Network and Urban Teaching Corps. She has experience in the education reform movement including founding high performing schools and focusing on the development of teachers and community engagement.  Prior to her work with schools, Miriam was involved in workforce development and housing services also in New York City.

Miriam holds a B.A. from the University of Arizona and an MBA from NYU in International Business as well as a Certificate from the Columbia University Nonprofit Executive Leadership Development Program and a Certificate in Charter School Leadership from Harvard University.

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